Online Store Now Available

In order to give our customers more flexibility when placing orders, we have just launched our online store. This initial launch will offer some of our customer favorites and most common items to purchase for pickup and shipping to anywhere in the U.S. We are continually adding products to our online store and are happy […]

Elderberry Syrup and Gummies available in limited quantities!

During a nationwide shortage on Elderberry products, we have been able to get back in stock a few Elderberry supplements. Elderberry Syrup from Honey GardensAvailable in 4 oz and 8 oz glass bottles(Call us for pricing information or to place an order.) Elderberry Adult and Kids Gummies from Nature’s Way Elderberry Extract capsules from Blue […]

Winter 2019 Newsletter

View our 2019 Winter Newsletter Please note that the PDF page may take longer to load on mobile devices.

Systemic Enzymes and Inflammation Easing Herbs

Enzyme formulas feature the major systemic enzymes that can help reduce inflammation in the body. The major system enzymes include: Bromelain, Pancreatin, Papain, Rutin, Trypsin, and Chymotrypsin.  Notice how all the names of the enzymes end with an ‘-in’.   Herbal formulas that can help ease pain and inflammation in the body contain some of […]

pH Test Strips

We carry a variety of different pH test strips that can be used to test urine, saliva, or simply to check water quality.  The pH health section can be found below the digestive enzymes on the north wall of our store (to the far right hand side when you walk in). To test urine or […]

Easing Loud Noise Anxiety Naturally for Your Pets

Many pets suffer from anxiety and stress-related symptoms during the time of year when fireworks and firecrackers are booming loudly in their neighborhood. There are many herbal remedies that have a long track record of use in humans for stress and anxiety and many of these same remedies can be safely used for dogs. Calming […]

Adaptogen formulas

Adaptogens are herbs to help re-regulate endocrine, nervous system and immune function and improve our response to physical, emotional and environmental stress. What science tells us about adaptogens work in the body: Balance the Hypothalamic/Pituitar/Adrenal function Helps reduce elevated cortisol levels and inhibit cortisol-induced mitochondrial dysfunction. Daily Adapt Promotes Energy/Stress Balance Careful formulation has created […]

Chinese Herbal Formulas from Plum Flower

Starting summer 2016 we added Chinese Herbal Formulas from the Plum Flower brand to give our customers more options for supporting their health with traditional herbs.

We carry about 10 formulas right now and will expand the selection through requests. Here are some of the formulas customers are choosing.

Homeopathy for Summertime

Heat stroke Belladonna, Atimonium crudum Insect or Animal bites Ledum paulustre 30C – relieves swelling and itching of mosquito bites, especially when taken during times of exposure. Histaminum 30C – relieves symptoms of reaction to insect bites Bee Stings Apis mellifica 30C – relieves pink, swollen skin with itching, burning pain improved by applying cold […]

Easing Leg Cramps with Minerals and Electrolytes for Summertime

Hopefully we’re all more active in the summer and that means more sweating.  As we sweat, our bodies need electrolytes to keep us hydrated, tolerate heat, and ensure muscles function properly. Electrolytes are easy to take in liquid form, simply add some drops to a water bottle. Magnesium Plus (left) contains both magnesium and Potassium […]

Why You Might Want to Be Drinking Beet Juice

A small study from scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis shows that the humble red root vegetable – perhaps best known for its high beta carotene concentrations – contains a molecule that boosts muscle power. Why You Might Want To Be Drinking Beet Juice At The Gym : The Salt […]

CBD – a new supplement from Hemp

CBD Oil derived from the hemp plant is making big waves in the supplement market.  Unlike it’s cousin THC from marijuana, CBD does not produce a ‘high’ in the body and is not psychotoxic. CBD can help support: Anxiety relief Better quality sleep Overall brain health (neuroprotective) Reducing inflammation in the body. As one of […]

Natural Support for Pregnancy and Nursing Moms

We’re excited to provide a new line of herbal products to support pregnant and nursing mothers. The Wish Garden brand makes herbal formulas for: Promoting healthy lactation / breast milk quality Morning sickness Stress relief Digestive support Immune boosting Please visit the Wish Garden website to learn more about their pregnancy products. Save

How to Choose a Probiotic

What I should I look for when picking out a probiotic from the numerous options on the shelf? Culture Count Number of Strains Potency guaranteed through expiration Lactobacillus cultures/strains work best in the Small Intestine. Bifidobacterium cultures/strains work best in the Large Intestine. Probiotics are microorganisms that help maintain intestinal balance.  They can improve digestion […]

Beat the Bugs This Summer Without Harsh Chemicals

Instead of harsh chemicals, try natural essential plant oils to ward off irritating bugs this summer. Using Eucalyptus oil means you get a 100% pure, 100% natural bug repellent without the nasty chemicals found in regular bug sprays. The Center for Disease Control recognizes Eucalyptus Citriodora (Lemon Eucalyptus) as effective as Deet and other chemical […]

Natural Relief from Seasonal Allergies

Quercetin, Bromelain, and Vitamin C can help provide natural relief from allergy symptoms. Quercetin (a nutrient primarily found in citrus fruits) helps to balance histamine levels so the body doesn’t overreact when it encounters allergens. Bromelain (an enzyme found in pineapple) can help reduce inflammation and has a synergistic effect when taking with Quercetin. These […]