In 2007, Gesundheit! Nutrition Center was given the Retail Excellence Award by Vitamin Retailer Magazine in the catogory of Best New Store.

retail-excellence-awardFrom the article: The first thing on Jacobus Hollewijn’s “to-do” list was host a radio show. So, he did it. Hollewijn started hosting a three-hour radio show in 2000, called Gesundheit! with Jacobus. On the show, he discussed health topics on alternative medicine with medical experts. Naturally, the next step was to run his own nutrition store.

The Gesundheit! with Jacobus Nutrition Center was opened in April of 2007 and has already made an impact on vendors and on his community. And even though his store is new, Hollewijn is not new to the nutrition industry.

“I did work in health foods retail for over 13 years for other people”, said Hollewijn.

Although Jacobus is the only 40 plus hours a week worker, he has several part-time helpers at his store in Bozeman, MT. The 2,100 square foot store provides about 45 different brands of supplements, nutrition bars, essential oils and more.

A variety of customers shop at the store, but more people are always open to information that Hollewijn can give them.

“Most come in with health questions and would like help understanding and finding what they’re interested in,” Jacobus said. “It seems that they appreciate the personal attention.”

The store has an earthly, chic feel that is unlike most stores, he says. There are four 12-foot long gondola-type shelves that are about 5’6″ high, which are placed in the middle of the store. These are on wheels for occasional lectures, so they can be easily rolled to the side, making room for about 50-60 chairs. The middle showcases an octagonal-shaped carpeted sitting-area, for reading, resting and consultations (a service that Jacobus also provides).

In addition to free consultations and weekly lectures, Hollewijn will have monthly specials on products. Professional speakers are also being presented in the store starting this month.