store-front-counterThe Gesundheit! Nutrition Center has been serving the greater Bozeman community since April 2007. My vision was to create a safe place, where anybody could walk in, look around, sit down, read, talk, and become educated through our free consultations. I also wanted it to be a hub from where I could help visitors navigate towards, and work with, health professionals in the area, some of whom have been on my radio show. By providing a broad selection of nutritional supplements, fair prices, and caring team members, we offer our customers personal help on their way to better health.

We have a licensed Clinical Nutritionist on staff to answer your questions and help guide you in your supplement choices. Marion Bachra takes free appointments on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday afternoons. Call us at 406-585-4668 to make an appointment. Marion also has a private practice for professional nutritional counseling and you can learn more about her services here.
store-tables We probably carry the largest selection of supplements in Southwest Montana. Give us a call at 406-585-4668 if you need supplements shipped directly to your home.

Ask us a question about the supplements we carry. Unfortunately we do not answer personal health questions through this website or by email.