Track 1:

Introduction of topics

Article “Common Food Additive May Impact Gut Bacteria, and Increase Anxiety”

Track 2:

Start of article “These Common Drugs May Increase Dementia Risks”

Call about reason for Dementia

Track 3:

Jacobus discusses his studies in Holland & interest in health

  • Travel to USA
  • Struggles
  • Working at MT harvest
  • Starting Health Pearls
  • Starting Show in 2000
  • Opportunity to learn and become a better person
  • Now thinking and deciding to stop this radio show as of September 14 (ranked #1 on Saturday Mornings)
  • Don’t know what the future will bring
  • Grateful for all the listeners and support!!

Track 4:

Continuation of calls and texts about ending the show

Continuation of the article

Track 5:

Discussion on Suing the Opioid Companies

Call about Hollywood/Entertainment Industry being a trigger to Societal Decline continued in next track

Track 6:

Prescriptions drugs gone-wrong

Continuation of Hollywood Discussion

Last Call

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