Mike graduated from Montana State University in 2015 with a degree in Health and Human Performance with an emphasis in Exercise Science. During his time at MSU he studied applied sports biomechanics and adaptions of anaerobic exercise abroad in Salzburg, Austria. Mike is a certified personal trainer and performance enhancement specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has been training since 2011. His training involves around the motto of “Just Keep Moving” and focuses on progressing through fundamental movement patterns.

Outside of the studio, Mike plays club soccer in Bozeman and is an avid fly fisherman and disc golf junkie.

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Brain grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and has always enjoyed running on the beaches and on the coastal mountain trails of California.

He studied Environmental Design at UC Santa Cruz, and spent 30 years designing and building Solar Homes.

His father was a Fencing Maestro and Brian also became a Maestro, competing, teaching, and coaching at Montana State University. He also taught skiing for many years. More recently, his Yoga Practice became a career, and he is now a Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor, and teaches at the Ridge Athletic Club in Bozeman, Montana.

Brian stopped running after tearing his ACL in 2002. Three knee surgeries and five years later, he decided to start running again. He decided to learn to run again using the ChiRunning principles. After so many years of teaching good posture and how to move from their center, ChiRunning seemed to be the natural extension of what he was already teaching about movement theory.

Brian teaches ChiRunning to all ages and levels of ability. He finds joy in helping others learn to walk and run with more energy and less injury.

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2019 Show

Track 1:


Talking about Mike’s creativity

Different body shapes – different challenges

You Get OUT What You Put IN!

What is “exercise science”

Why are most activities geared towards children?

We need to “keep going” as adults as well

We get one body in this life. How do we take care of it?!

Track 2:

Story about George (Parking Garage)

Call about professional athletes

Text about lactic acid build up

Text about wife being a specific diet that tells her NOT to exercise.

Track 3:

Call from Gary Stoner

compliments about workouts

he observes us doing

Text following up on Lactic Acid

Discussion on the role of a personal trainer

What can Mike do to have a bigger influence

Track 4:

Introduction to Brian

Brian feels great when exercising talks about ChiRunnings inventor Danny Dryer

Children run naturally

As we get older – we change – unhealthier

Use of Metronome – our body loves Rhyth

About 180 foot-falls/minute = 90 strides

Full Food Landing – not heel strikes

Using Gravity – Gravity Fighting

Emphasis on Core strength, not feet

Chi-Center: 3 inches below Belly Button 2 inches inside

There is a vertical alignment but also in movement

1 fist width between feet – pointed forward

Skeleton is suspended by the muscles

What holds us up: back of the spine muscles

Track 5:

Jacobus explains ChiRunning and why he cannot run anymore – wants to learn

Brian: Stretching from feet upwards (connective tissue)
muscles are stretched after the run

It is hard to be empty-minded – but can you be single-minded? i.e. focus on breathing

Brian talks about how he teaches

Talks about fencing

How do you become Maestro?

Teaching “Beauty in Motion

Track 6:

Recap of the show so far

Extending and Expanding the spine

The Sabre

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