Carol Wilcock is a registered nurse of 30+ years with a passion for wellness. She worked at St. Peter’s Hospital as a float nurse for 10 years, a physician office nurse, home oxygen clinician, and instructor at UM Helena and Carroll College.

She began a self-study program 20+ years ago in Complementary Medicine. She finished her Master’s Degree in Nursing in 2008 and Doctorate in Alternative Medicine in 2010.

She began her own business in 2002 with advanced forms of biofeedback systems and continues to use these modalities today and recently finished her certification as an Instructor.

She’s a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association where she was introduced to Dr. Brian Luke Seaward and his Stress Management Instructor course in Boulder, CO. This is where she began looking for more technologies, clinicians, disciplines and modalities that create and promote health with a focus on creating healthy people rather than focusing on diseases.

These technologies include Enhanced External Counter Pulsation or EECP for heart disease, Aqua Chi, InLight, Hwave Electrical Stim, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. She is the CEO and founder of Dynamic Health Technologies.

Natalie Gonzales has spent a majority of her career as a physician/surgeon and has witnessed firsthand that healing isn’t limited to the physical, which traditional medicine primarily addresses; it occurs on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, which are typically not addressed.

In her experience, healing begins at the spiritual level, which is also the level of the energy that is difficult to measure with our current technology. This work is designed to charge a person’s field at the level of this energy, place on a spiritual level, eventually becoming apparent in the persons’s emotional health, and may ultimately be seen as changes in their physical health.

She plans to spend the remainder of her working career in a practice that recognizes the value of both conventional medicine and the human energy field. Her work will integrate both, to obtain the best outcome for you.

Contact Information

Dynamic Health Technologies

1200 N. Montana Avenue
Helena, MT 59601

New Website:

2019 Show

Track 1:

Introductions to Carol and Natalie

Carol discusses that people are “scared” when they do somethings/eat out of the oridnary

Natalie discusses “Environmental Toxins”

Carol tells story of 93 year old grandmother

Track 2:

Call about Fucoshima Leak & what can be done to protect ourselves

Jacobus talks about introduction of so many toxins/drugs/vaccines in the last 50 years

Believing in our “genetic”/inherited disorders

Track 3:

Epigenetics discussion with Natalie

We Believe: we have genes and we are stuck with that… this is false! Gene research is growing exponentially. Certain genes get activated when YOU activate them. The THOUGHT feeds the system.

What can we do to turn it off?

  • Don’t put things in your body that are not healthy
  • increase your STRESS that will turn it on

Good belly laugh helps immune system for at least 4 hours

Cancer Diagnosis = probably most stressful news

  • what makes you smile everyday
  • find a picture, smell, cloth, etc that gives you a smile

Track 4:

Call about stress/anxiety

Call about vitamin D3 with discussion to follow

Track 5:

We need to be patient before we get better

1 day in hospital bed – 4 days of recovery (working with critically ill people)

Jacobus talks about debatable diagnosing

  • supplements can work
  • medicine can work

Natalie has a story about stage 4 cancer patient who was healed from taking the PLACEBO!

  • Spontaneous healing – spontaneous cures
  • William Bengston – moving from left brain to right brain

Cancer is not a death sentence

Track 6:

Call about stress effect on our body systems and ultimate “diseases”


Talk about centenarians

  • staying active
  • having a purpose in life
  • social contacts: group walking after church


Relationship of drugs to help mental health

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