Jacobus hosted his three-hour Health-Talk radio show from July 9, 2000 through September 14, 2019 broadcasting from a professional studio in Bozeman, Montana.

The show contained interviews with experts in the field of health, healing, and healthy lifestyles. Gesundheit means health or good health. Its from the German language. In the Netherlands, where Jacobus was born, the word with the same meaning is Gezondheid. Sounds very similar; however because Americans use the word Gesundheit on a regular basis, he decided to use that in stead.

It has been an amazing journey, including 914 (September 14 – 9/14!) live shows with different topics every week. There was a lot of prep involved, primarily because the guest(s) would be in the studio or on the phone for the full three hours. The purpose was always to give the experts the time to really explain their profession, part of their work, their research, or their book, to the lay person. Phone-lines would be open for the full three hours.

Since stopping it has been a good time to think about possible future projects, broadcasts, or educational endeavors. Something will come forth out of this. So, please stay tuned.

Meanwhile, almost all shows were recorded. Early on via cassette tape, later on computer. Bit by bit the shows are being edited for content, sound, and music, and can now be heard again in our Radio Archive, or via your favorite Podcast App. When you do listen to a Podcast, please click follow and/ or leave a comment about the show.

Thank you.