We all have experienced that when the pendulum swings one-way, at some point it will swing the other; in order to end-up about in the middle.

This is the case with the current diet trends.

The American People have been fooled for decades that saturated fats were bad for heart health, resulting in an unrealistic increase in carbohydrate rich diets, sugar consumption, Omega-6 fats, and cholesterol-lowering drugs; and all this supported by questionable approval from the FDA.

But because of the unrelenting and ongoing research by many smart and concerned scientists, slowly-but-surely the tide is changing!

An increasing number of grassroots groups, consumers, and now  government officials, realize that the current Dietary Standards are part of the reasons why the health of the American people has declined, and why the cost for Sick-Care is out-of-control.

I always tell people: Diet, Lifestyle, and Attitude are very important. Dietary supplements help to improve all three, but do not replace any ONE.

I’ll discuss different diets in the weeks to come. I also invite you to learn more about good health …at the Gesundheit! Nutrition Center on North 19th Avenue.


Listen to the Health Pearl:

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