This week we celebrate our Independence as a nation.  You’ll notice that the word “freedom” will be used extensively by many Americans as symbolism for what we as a nation stand for. It is perhaps good then to pause a moment, and think about this word.

More discussions go sour, more divorces happen, and more fights break out, because one side simply didn’t “get” the other side’s understanding of the word freedom… Or perhaps no one understood Freedom comes with limitations, boundaries, common sense, and rules.

Yes, we talk about: “Let Freedom Reign…” but the reality is that about half the nation feels their wings clipped every time a new president has been elected. And many feel their freedom is being compromised when April 15 comes around.

Freedom is first-off all a personal feeling of unbound limitlessness that we embrace as individuals, because it’s the message of the land in which we are fortunate enough to live. But it also is something each of us individually may never achieve because of our own character flaws.

The Spirit of Freedom shines brightly this week. May it inspire us from this day forward!

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