One of the big worries about COVID-19 is the attack on the lungs, especially the extreme shortness of breath. People who have suffered asthma attacks know what that feels like; it usually turns into a panic fight for survival.

One suggestion I have is using pure essential oils at night while going to sleep. Of course you can use them also during the day!

If you have a humidifier, or an oil diffuser: add drops of pure eucalyptus oil and let it run next to your bed when going to sleep. Eucalyptus has many benefits for our lungs and respiratory system because of its anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. A wonderful option for the elderly who suffer from, or worry about, COVID-19.

It also works beautifully for little children suffering from colds with runny, or stuffy noses. While the diffuser or humidifier is running and they inhale the eucalyptus, they not only sleep better, but they also feel better in the morning.

Come in for pure eucalyptus oil, or another organic essential oil blend for viruses.

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