RADIO HEALTH PEARL #367 …brought to you by the Gesundheit! Nutrition Center.

In Montana, the season of spring often brings a renewed energy to open windows, air-out the home, rearrange furniture, do some cleaning, check the winter damage inside and outside the home, and maybe start thinking about doing some outdoor exercising.

As far as the body’s spring-cleaning is concerned, you may be looking at an internal cleanse of some sort: a combination of different herbs that shake-up a certain sluggishness in our organs, and loosen some junk in the liver, kidney, colon and lymphatic system.

An internal cleanse usually contains several fibers and stool-softeners as well, to grab-the-crap, and smooth-move it through our colon-loop and out with the poop!

If you decide you are ready for cleansing, look at it as the beginning of a new cycle in your life and combine it with a positive adjustment in both diet and lifestyle.

If you need some advise on Internal Cleanses or lifestyle adjustments, please come see us…at the Gesundheit! Nutrition Center on North 19th Avenue.

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