Many men today are struggling with prostate-related issues, such as inflammation, frequent urination, ED, and cancer.

I highly recommend that all men over 35 learn more about the hormone estradiol, and specifically how it relates to their production of Total Testosterone.

Estradiol is primarily seen as a hormone women make. However, while we produce our daily Testosterone, a small part of that turns into Estradiol.

99% of men today either have never heard of this hormone, or they don’t know their number. Doctors usually don’t think this is necessary to add to a blood test, because it primarily is a female hormone.

Please request your estradiol number next time; and also ask for your Total Testosterone number. The majority of men today lose testosterone as they age, but estradiol seems to creep up. Research shows that when this hormone rises above a certain number, there is a rapid increased risk for prostate cancer!

I invite you to learn more about this (also to take away your fears); and to feel rejuvenated, by visiting us at the Gesundheit! Nutrition Center on North 19th Avenue.  

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