Radio Health Pearl #278
…brought to you by Gesundheit! Nutrition Center.

I have been receiving information lately about a mineral, which has been subject to over 25 years of research and that has produced thousands of personal reports from satisfied users.
It is called INDIUM.
INDIUM is the 7th most-rare mineral, but it has some amazing properties. Studies have shown amongst other things that it helps in the UPTAKE of other minerals in our body.
The mineral CHROMIUM, for example, which is so important for balancing blood-sugar levels, has an increased absorption rate in all organs of about 300%! This has helped in countering LOW BLOOD SUGAR/HYPOGLYCEMIA, so many of us deal with daily, and it may reduce Insulin-dependence in late-onset type-2 diabetes.

Others have experienced reduced MIGRAINES, DEPRESSION and INSOMNIA, from using INDIUM.

Suggested use is ONE drop per fifty pounds of body-weight about 20 minutes before you have breakfast.

You can learn more about INDIUM at Gesundheit! Nutrition Center, where you always find great products at excellent prices.

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