If there is one thing that disrupts our immune system, and actually weakens it, it’s our over-consumption of sugars.

There are individuals who, no matter what they do, never get sick. So, let’s not compare ourselves to them!

We need to look at ourselves, our partners, and children. If illness comes easy as soon as something travels around the office, the gym, or at the daycare, try to eliminate adding sweetener to your foods and beverages; and stop eating deserts, candy, and sodas.

It’s actually interesting that when we get sick, we usually don’t crave eating at all; or we only feel like eating simple foods, such as broth or crackers.
As part of the scare for the Coronavirus, and focusing on strengthening our immune system, it has become important to implement some discipline in our diets and lifestyle.

And combine THAT with my previous supplement suggestions: Vitamins C and D3, Garlic, Zinc, Plum Flowers, Silver, Oregano, Monolaurin, and even some Essential Oils.

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