The company Enzymedica has focused its entire product line to exclusively promote enzymes for digestion and overall wellness.

To do that they have created unique products using their exclusive Thera-Blend® process, in which multiple strains of enzymes are combined in order to offer greater effectiveness throughout the different pH ranges in the body.

The company recently introduced a new product series containing specific fish oils that focus attention to our Microbiome–the trillions of microbes living within the gastrointestinal tract. To keep our microbiome functioning right we need diversity in the types of strains we get from probiotics. Most people get only one or two strains in their probiotic, and stick with that for years.

New research is also finding that fish oils and the omega-3 fats they provide impact the microbiome. Supplementing with fish oil can help support the diversity in the microbiome–and the omega-3 fat DPA seems to be especially effective in doing this. Enzymedica’s Aqua Biome™ fish oil series contains the usual DHA and EPA omega-3 fats, and also a healthy dose of DPA, which many companies actually selectively remove from their products because we’ve been so programmed to focus primarily on the better-known DHA and EPA. 

Improve your microbiome and start seeing results with Enzymedica’s Aqua Biome™ fish oil!

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