Many people in America have the urge to go back to a “normal” life. However, that is impossible. We cannot go back to the past!
We can learn from our past and strive to do better in the present; and move into a more positive future.

Why COVID-19 has caused the chaos and fear we’re living with today, is a question, I’m sure, will be answered in the near future. We have seen a lot of (so-called) experts come forth during the last ten weeks, telling us how to adjust our lives forever…
None of the current restrictions were ever initiated during the SARS-, MERS-, and H1N1 epidemics. 

All-of-us have many viruses in our body; they have been an integral part of life on earth before human existence! Apparently, research shows since 1986 more than 12,000 new viruses have been identified. That leaves millions of viruses not named yet!
Even corona-viruses have long been with us. 

I suggest we TRUST OURSELVES ENOUGH to strengthen our own immune health. 

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