2018 has been an up-and-down ride;

Many want it to be over, because they’ve had quite a fight!

More than before, I hear people say:

“It’s been rough…Let next year become a brand new day!”


For me: I’ll remember this year with glee:

Our son’s family moved back here, where they want to be.

One daughter gave birth to beautiful twin girls;

Now we all enjoy watching how their life unfurls.


Our youngest daughter got married in July …to a great guy;

I was the Officiant, which made it extra awesome;

Our family now feels complete;

And we all wish their marriage will blossom!


Our store has also continued to grow this year,

Thanks to all of you, let that be clear!

Your support, these years, has truly been ceaseless;

Your generous spirit often leaving us speechless!


May you receive the gift of GOOD HEALTH this season.

And may 2019 inspire you to find the perfect reason

To better understand “life”, and improve relationships more…

Through connecting with your heart, like never before!

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