There are several reasons why our immune system becomes weak. And a lot has to do with emotional health.

To be more specific, I am thinking of:


  • Both daily and Seasonal stress. It’s almost unavoidable, because we become affected by so many surrounding us; even though we really try to “live” the Holliday message.


  • There is also negativity, either coming FROM us or hurled TOWARDS us, regardless of what the cause is. Keep in mind that other people usually hold a mirror up to us, showing us in their behavior something we need to work on.


  • Then we have grieving; just deep, deep sadness about losing someone close, and constantly being reminded of it.


  • And let’s not forget our family relations; how much are you bothered by people in your own family? How often do they trigger you. Are you disappointed by their choices, or the way they talk to you?


Our immune system has a lot to endure when these emotions run amok. Hopefully you will find solutions for them all.

And, if necessary, we may be able to help …at the Gesundheit! Nutrition Center on North 19th Avenue.

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