When talking about diets that are or have been popular, I can go back to my late teens and early twenties when I got heavily involved in Vegetarianism first, followed by the Macrobiotic Philosophy, and then a raw Vegan approach, combined with weekly and monthly fasting routines.


Aaaahhh… the good ol’ days!


It was not until the mid nineties that I discovered the Blood Type Diet, which at the time intrigued me and helped me to get back on track to a more normal and healthy dietary regiment.

Dr. Peter D’Adamo wrote this book about suggested foods for the different blood types A, B, O, and AB, after his father had started the research. The diet really worked for me at the time, and I explained and recommended it to many customers, achieving quite a bit of success.

There were people, including health professionals, who ridiculed this approach.

However, it’s a fact that the FOUR different blood types are not easily interchangeable at blood banks!

These Blood Type Diet booklets may be an easy guide for you to improve certain foods in your daily habits.

We have several available for you …at the Gesundheit! Nutrition Center on North 19th Avenue.

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