What ever happened to observational medicine, trying a certain treatment or therapy, and seeing how the individual reacts?
Penicillin, for example, was created by Louis Pasteur through trial-and-error! For some of you that sounds kinda scary.

However, medicine is where it is today because of all the legwork done throughout a 5,000 year history, whereby Chinese and Ayurvedic herbology set the tone, followed by many cultures giving birth to therapies, some of which we still use today.

Chinese pharmacopeia demanded that herbs should be safe and effective, without any negative effects on the mind or body for One Hundred Years, about four generations(!) before full approval.

Today’s medicine, the current standard, doesn’t have a hundred year success- and safety- rating. Most medicines and therapies are the result of double-blind placebo controlled studies. However, the rules and boundaries are not as strict for some as they are for others…

We support safe and proven allopathic therapies, but also historically safe and and proven natural remedies.

Listen to Health Pearl #539:

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