Eating food is elemental to daily living; but we tend to forget how important that activity is until we skip one or two meals in a row. We may feel weak, lightheaded, irritable, or perhaps tired.


However, our food supply seems so abundant right now, we may feel we have the luxury to skip a meal here and there, because, in the end, we know we get to eat again!

This luxury has not been with our society for really thàt long. Just a century ago, things were very different; and most people would make all meals at home, usually with very simple ingredients. And, there was gratitude for the food supply!



Today we don’t seem to care where or how food is made, as long as it is available when we want it!


Because of our apparent nonchalance about food or its quality, it seems our bodies and minds are reacting in similar fashion: Percentage-wise there is more indigestion, inflammation, and chronic disease than society has ever experienced!



Only ONE PERSON can bring a change to that: YOU!

Let US help YOU achieve better health …at the Gesundheit! Nutrition Center on North 19th Avenue.


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