It feels to me spring season started late this year. Only recently we see and smell many blossoms; and the beginning of summer is just about a week away!
This is usually a time when quite a few people experience outdoor allergies, which can be very debilitating. 

Runny, stuffy and itchy noses; swollen, teary and scratchy eyes; blocked hearing; painful throat; lungs that feel tight or trigger a lot of coughing; and skin showing redness and rashes. Over-the-counter medications can help quickly but may show unpleasant side effects. Besides that, they may only work temporarily.

There are acupuncturists, professional health kinesiologists, and naturopathic physicians who are specialized in long-term success.
WE have seen excellent results with a supplement company called ALLERGENA, who use homeopathic extracts of up to 66 tree-, weed-, and grass extracts to battle seasonal allergies in the Rocky Mountain region. 
Please come in to find  ALLERGENA while browsing our entire allergy section.

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