Dr. Michael Wohlfeld is a Naturopath who lives in California, and who regularly travels the country to speak, educate, do interviews, and show his passion for good health.
This is the sixth time that he is a guest on Gesundheit! With Jacobus. Every time there is a pretty good chemistry between us; and so much is discussed that every time it is a jam-packed three-hours!
Today’s discussion was about our digestive system.

Michael Wohlfeld, ND
(800)-962-LIFE (5433)

Introductions; Dr. Wohlfeld takes about his congenital handicap, called ArthroGryposis; The role of emotions on our health; We are living in a stress-world, which is both contagious and addictive; Good bacteria are affected by stress; Mercury exposure, and dietary allergies.

Jacobus starts explaining digestive tract; How important are fats and fibers; Eating with(in) the seasons (+examples).

Call about microwaves, canola oil, and how much fermented foods daily is good for us; Is there a correct number of meals we should eat daily, and a right way?

Michael’s work as National Educator for the dietary supplement company Pure Planet; Most food companies (about 30) are owned by the cigarette company Phillip Morris; It’s what you know, NOT what you believe; Analogy of a fireplace.

Chatting about Chet Huntley and David Brinkley; Call about not having a gallbladder anymore, and the effects of eggs and pasteurized dairy; Talk about Current diets such as Paleo and Ketogenic, and their possible effects on the kidneys.

Dr. Michael Wohlfeld’s friend with stage-4 cancer, and the discussion with her doctor about using Chemo or Radiation; Functional Medicine doctors; Talking about vaccines, sipping hot water throughout the day, snacking, and eating organic.

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