Rus Willis is President and General Manager of Bighorn Botanicals, Inc., a family-owned and operated company, located in northwestern Montana, near the rural town of Noxon.

Chelsey Buckner, is Chief Operating Officer, and Quality Control Manager of the company.

Bighorn Botanicals was founded in 1991, beginning with a contract to harvest and process Pacific Yew bark (Taxus brevifolia) for a pharmaceutical company that was developing a chemotherapeutic drug from a natural anticancer constituent (=Taxol) found in the Yew. That contract was completed in 1993.

Over the years, Rus Willis has researched and developed products for alternative health care professionals from medicinal herbs native to northwestern Montana based on ethnobotany (historical use), scientific research and sustainability of the resource.

Contact Information:

Bighorn Botanicals, Inc.

25 Bighorn Lane

Noxon, MT 59853

Office: 406-847-5597

Toll Free: 888-847-1223

2019 Show

Track 1:


Rus tells stories of people with cancer using just Yew Tea.

Biomedical Center 1994 Mildred Nelson, RN.

  • Starting using tips from the bows
  • 1996 – discovered it would take 3 years for branches
    • paclataxol: semi-synthetic drugs

Track 2:

Call about growing your own yew tree.

  • The difference between Pacific Yew and Japanese Yew Trees

Call about other healing properties in other trees

Rus discusses research from different compounds and analytical facts

Track 3:


How Rus cuts bark of cut-down trees

  • dried to less than 10% moisture

Sustainable harvesting discussion

  • 3-6x more regrowth

Pliers/cutters are made from stainless steel

9 capsules/day (3×3) – Biomedical Clinic – Cancer fighting properties

  • 1/8 tsp/powder = 1 capsule
  • 1 mL oil = 1 capsule

Track 4:

How Chelsey got into the business

  • How production protocols are followed
  • Enthusiastic responses

Text about lung infection and yew tip products to help

  • Yew Tip Tincture is great for inflammation & arthritis
    • oils and lotions for arthritis as well
  • How to make the oil

Does Yew Tip cure cancer? — NO! but it can help in a healthy healing protocol

Track 5:

Chelsey talks about what types and what dosages children can take

  • tea + stevia
  • 1-2 capsules/day if they can swallow the capsules
  • tincture or oil
  • 1 mL/ 1 ounce water
  • topical uses of salve for cuts, burns, bruises
    • keep in the first aid kit

Children with cancer

  • have them call Biomedical Clinic

Rus explains what happens when you go to Biomedical Clinic

  • bloodwork in Physical in 1st day
  • most people are in and out in 1 day
  • Chelsey’s experience with the clinic

Track 6:

Call about going to Tijuana

Jacobus story of 78 year old man with prostate cancer who’s total testosterone went from 410 to 816 in 4 months

Rus explains his story of athletes

Rus has another story about women getting pregnant 2x in her 50’s

Call about MD Anderson

Rus plays the yewtar

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