Jerry Angelini is an integrative practitioner with training and experience in psychiatric and chronic illness rehabilitation, and is the Host Defense Education Director.

His undergraduate and graduate degrees from Boston University form the foundation of his conventional medical training, which is augmented by TCM Herbalism, Ayurveda, and Western Clinical Herbalism. Additional training in Clinical Aromatherapy NeuroMuscular Therapy, Tui Na, and Lymphatic Drainage therapy, as well as the more energetic interventions of CranioSacral therapy, Reiki, and Qi Gong round out his practice.

Since 2012, Jerry has led the National Science Education team for Host Defense Mushrooms. Working closely with Dr. Paul Stamets, Hon., Jerry offers mycologically and herbally informed education across the United States, as well as in countries such as Canada, Dubai, Croatia, and Scandinavia. Reaching out to all levels of learner, including medical professionals, retail staff, and consumers, Jerry’s trainings focus on the benefits that certain mushroom species and mushroom/herb preparations can have on immune function and our overall health and wellness.

Throughout his career, Jerry has provided classes and lectures on a wide range of health-related topics to audiences of all ages, backgrounds, and professions. He is a delightful and engaging speaker, whose warm and generous demeanor captures the attention and respect of learners of every level.

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2019 Show

Track 1:


Fungi Perfecti- mother company

  • Host Defense – Sale to retailers

Why have Japanese + Chinese done so much research

  • Different Mushroom

Call about movie in Alaska guy is using fungal growth ChaCha (Chaga)

  • Chaga helps immune response
  • Western World: Increased autoimmunity + allergies

Serving Size:

1 gram = maintenance

2-4 gram / day = helps immune system

up to 6 grams = non toxic

Track 2:

Call about allergies to mushrooms

Jerry explains history of this and how mushrooms are prepared

4 categories of mushrooms:

  • Edible Mushrooms
  • Medicinal Mushrooms
    • often hard + woody
  • Poisonous Mushrooms
    • angel of death
  • Hallucinating Mushrooms
    • Silycibins
    • end of life
    • PTSD
    • Ceremonial

Call about finding good fieldguide to mushrooms & explaining different compounds

Primordia – tiny sprouts that grown in mycelium

Track 3:

Continuation of the Primordia discussion

Mycelium – grows on different mediums

  • wood
  • soil
  • brown rice

Mycelium + Brown Rice – create both pathogenic scavengers

Immune Modulating

Jerry explains the growing process

  • how to grow spores for reproduction

Recap of the show by Jacobus

Jerry wants to talk about cognitive function

  • Lions mane research about neurological support
    • supports nerve-growth factors – stem cells
      • it will take time + other good nutrients such as Omega 3 + Omega 9
      • B12 + B6
  • Peripheral Neurological Regrowth
  • Everyone will respond differently

Track 4:

Call about buying mushrooms in grocery stores – ORGANIC

Back to Cognitive Functioning

  • Ergothionine – higher levels – lower incidence of cognitive decline
    • effect on brain
    • in Lion’s Mane – 2 weeks to kick
      • after 1 month off – decline again

Peripheral Neuropathy – 2-3 grams of Lion’s Mane

  • Response Time 2 weeks – 6 months

Powdered Product: Brain + Body

  • 1 tsp = 3 grams

Track 5:

Digestive Health

Reishi – Chaga – Lion’s Mane have effect on intestinal tract

  • Modulate immune response
    • Gut Associated Lymphatic Tissue

Food in our intestinal tract

Medical Mushrooms help thrive micro bacteria in our digestive tract – primarily in large intestine

Mushrooms are prebiotics

How about Turkey Tail: Great Immune Response

Track 6:

SHOW 900!

Digestive benefits of medicinal mushrooms and affect of vagus nerve

Cordyceps in the wild it grows on insects

  • energizing
  • benefits lung function

Liquid Cordyceps – feel it in 10-20 minutes

  • capsules: about an hour

My Community: 17 mushrooms

  • full body support
  • Stamets: great product to start
    • 1/2 tsp – 1 tsp
    • don’t take too late
  • Engaging your immune response

Working with honey bees

Colony Collapse Disorder because of parasites

Reishi mushroom mycelium – helps to go after viruses

nature and scientific reports

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