Jenna Dodge is a student of homeopathy at Academy of Homeopathy Education. She is in her final semester of homeopathy school, practicing under supervision of experienced homeopaths, and will sit for her certification exam later this year. Jenna lives and practices in Bozeman and via “Tele-health” all over the world.

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2019 Show

Track 1:


Homeopathy is not equal to home therapy

Homeopathy is not equal to the law of similars

Story of Samuel Hahnemann

Track 2:

Scientific Research of Homeopathy

Explaining Dilution/Potentizing

Track 3:

Call about duck liver

How and when to use X, C, or M potencies

  • Best starting potency is 30c

Track 4:

How to pick C, M, or X

Jenna looks at person’s vitality

  • someone with energy but with chronic allergies has a lower vitality
    • Energy does not equal vitality

Modality – what makes a person feel worse

  • i.e. allergies

How to do minerals – trituration

Track 5:


Repeat of how to start a remedy (plant)

Insoluble remedies are made differently (minerals)

Cell-Salts Discussion

Call about Tinnitus and what kind of homeopathic remedies help with the ringing in the ears.

Track 6:

Call about Radiation Hormesis

Jenna talks about Isopathy

Remedies not available in stores

  • Drug Remedies: opioids, heroin, cocaine, morphine
  • Sarcodes: Glandulars
  • Nosodes: from a disease

Plants are more for acute, used like an herb (not very old)

Nosodes: deeper acting than minerals

How to deal with autoimmune disease

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